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Thermal camera

A cutting-edge thermal camera detects the presence of the user to measure their temperature instantly.

Mask detector

If the user is not wearing a mask, the camera detects it and recommends to put it on.

LED Warning

If the user temperature is correct, the interactive LED will flash in green and not, in red It´s not decorative, it´s a suitable warning for people with hearing impairment.

Voice warning

A voice will tell if the user has the right temperature. It´s a suitable system for blind and visually impaired people who want to know their temperature

Hydrogel touchless dispenser

Just by bringing the hands close, our automatic dispenser detects the user presence and proceeds to supply disinfectant without touching anything.


We personalize your PUREFYPOINT with the image of your brand, business, school or institution. We listen to you and help you with whatever you need.

Adjustable height

The trestle of PUREFYPOINT it´s adjustable in height to make it accessible to children or people in wheelchairs.

Enjoy your life.

You are now ready to live peacefully in the new normal, thanks to Purefy.

PUREFYPOINT is the first and only device that measures your temperature while disinfecting your hands.
Being autonomous, avoids having a person supervising these two tasks, faciliting access to the new normality.
It is also the first and only device with a design that facilitates accessibility for people with low hearing or visibility.
And yes, it is customizable with the image of your brand and/or institution and adaptable for the little ones to use.
PUREFYPOINT is lovingly designed and assembled in Galicia, Spain.



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