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Automatic door

A glass door opens automatically so you don´t have to touch anything.

Color therapy

Once inside, our purifyng corridor is covered with a special paint that reacts to low energy LED lighting.

Ultraviolet purifier

Leave your wallet and cell phone in our purifyng UV tray to be desinfected.

Automatic dispenser

Wash your hands with our automatic hydrogel dispenser.

Thermal camera

A thermal camara monitors your temperature while washing your hands.

Purifying mist

If your temperature is right, a nebulizer will purify your clothes for 8 seconds thanks to our eco purifer mist.

Nature sounds

The sound of a few birds will help you clear mind as well, which is also important.

Purifying carpet

Finally, all that´s lleft is to clean are the shoes on the carpet.

Enjoy your life.

You are now ready to live peacefully in the new normal, thanks to Purefy.

BOX Purefy Closed


BOX Purefy Open


PUREFYBOX is 6 meters long, 2.45 meters wide and 2.60 meters high.
Low maintenance and easy to move.
PUREFYBOX will be available for sale and for rent.
If you don’t need all the features, just let us know and we will personalize it for you.
If you need an extra feature, let us know as well.
Our PUREFYBOX could be delivered worldwide by ship.

See a explanatory video.

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Let ́s work together for a pure the world. Contact us at